green transport company

Our vision is to create a new logistics ecosystem, where people and physical assets are connected through a ubiquitous technology platform, enabling true supply chain efficiency.

green transport company

Integrated Logistics

FMH Group is a holding company with diversified interests across logistics services. Through the integration of our technology, people and physical assets, we enable a truly efficient and sustainable supply chain.

FMH Group is a subsidiary of Singapore Post. Their investment enables FMH Group to add value to its customers by further investing in enriched technology solutions and its people.

Our Companies

Fourth-party logistics
efm is the largest fourth party logistics provider in Australia, delivering end-to-end supply chain solutions for its customers.
The Group’s logistics software development company harnesses the power of product, engineering and customer-centric design to build high quality, elegant and valuable solutions that its customers love to use.
Our quality logistics providers are connected under the umbrella of Logistics Holdings Australia network of companies to provide holistic logistics solutions to customers.
efm Warehouse with truck and forklift
efm has more than 78,000m2 of safe, secure and modern warehousing space at strategic locations throughout Australia.

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