BagTrans acquisition announcement

BagTrans acquisition announcement

Freight Management Holdings strengthens customer offering through acquisition of pallet specialists, BagTrans

Friday, 29th January 2021 – Freight Management Holdings Pty Ltd (FMH) has today announced its acquisition of specialist pallet transport company, BagTrans. The move will provide peace of mind to customers of FMH’s 4PL, efm Logistics (efm), that their services will not be interrupted amid a shifting industry landscape.

Freight Management Holdings (FMH) is a diversified logistics service organisation. Its companies include the largest 4PL in Australia and New Zealand, efm Logistics, and the logistics technology platform that underpins it, FLIP.

“The acquisition of BagTrans is an important move for us to mitigate risk presented by the uncertainty of the current market. Many of our 4PL’s customers require pallet services. efm Logistics promises its customers an unmatched logistics experience and as a result of our decision at FMH, their customers can be confident in their ability to deliver regardless of the external environment,” FMH CEO, Simon Slagter, said

BagTrans is a specialised national less-than-truck-load (LTL) express pallet carrier servicing mainly the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in metropolitan locations.

Outgoing BagTrans Acting CEO, Margie Haseltine, said: “The acquisition of BagTrans by FMH is testament to the strong business we have created, our outstanding team, and the excellent service we provide. FMH and BagTrans are aligned in vision and values, with both companies resolutely focused on excellent customer service, and we are excited to be part of their expansion.”

The addition of BagTrans to the FMH portfolio provides efm with an alternative carrier if needed.

“The addition of BagTrans to the fold is not intended to replace any of efm’s carriers. Instead, it provides an alternative for customers in various scenarios where an existing carrier cannot perform the service. For example, if the carrier company ceases to exist or if its service is sub-optimal, or in the event of excess volume,” Mr Slagter added.

As a true 4PL enabled by sophisticated proprietary technology, efm provides independent and strategic end-to-end supply chain management solutions. Post-acquisition, efm will continue to remain 100% independent.

BagTrans will be retaining its existing customer base and workforce, with the exception of the outgoing Acting CEO. The acquisition is effective immediately.


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